Retreats & Visiting Therapists

Shanti Spa Calendar


MonthDatesSpa Highlights
August01.08.18 - 30.08.18 Sacred Healing Sound Ritual - Experience deep shamanic medicine therapy by Dr. Anil Raina to bring relaxation through healing sound frequencies of ethnic instruments embracing the power of the elements of nature.
September25.09.18 - 05.10.18 Yoga Immersion Retreat - Deepen your yoga practice and dive deep into the ancient teachings of Yoga to leave behind all the strains of daily life with daily yoga and meditations in the soulful serene location of Shanti Maurice.
October 01.09.18 - 31.10.18 Wellness Month - Discover your dosha with a free consultation by our Ayurveda experts and enjoy 20% off on ayurvedic packages.
November11.11.18 - 12.12.18

 Inner peace through stillness Discover unique and personalised treatments treating the body like a temple with international holistic healer David Zenon, the "Man with magic hands".


MonthDatesSpa Highlights
January15.12.18 - 15.01.19Shanti Spa Detox - Give your new year a perfect start keeping the body systems in peak conditions leaving behind all the toxins for a healthier lifestyle!
February13.02.19 - 28.02.19 Vedanta Yoga Retreat - Rejuvenate your body and mind and increase your spiritual knowledge for an exceptional and unforgettable individual guidance.
March15.03.19 - 15.04.19 
April  Hypnosis session - Self-knowledge leads to self-healing; find unanswered queries of the future and the past with by the visiting therapist Ms Halla Himintungl through Astrology and Tarot card reading.
May  Self-Healing Ritual - A transformational experience awaits by the Natural Health Practitioner Leela Isani to awake your inner wisdom and to enjoy a deep regeneration of cells and organs.