St. Felix Lagoon

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The famous St Felix lagoon was and is crystal clear and certified clean.

Far away from the happening of the Wakashio oil spill disaster on the South East coast of Mauritius in August 2020 we regular test the water quality to ensure safety in our environment. During the last oil fingerprint water test again no trace elements, HAP and hydrocarbons were not detected in the seawater sample tested.
Any level of trace elements are found under the standard limits as per the Mauritian Guidelines for coastal water quality for recreation and for sports such as swimming, diving, surfing, etc. and where there is a maximum body contact with the water.

Enjoy the clean nature of Mauritius.

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The St. Felix lagoon is rich with flora and fauna typical of the region. While the colours of the sea, corals and fish can be alluring, proceed with caution with some being as dangerous as they are beautiful.