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The food at Shanti Maurice is fresh, tasty and expertly prepared. Our chefs combine both traditional and modern cooking techniques with the finest local ingredients.

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We celebrate local ingredients at all of our restaurants and follow a farm-to-fork ethos where possible, meaning that guests are served only the finest food. When the smell of freshly barbecued food circles around you, and the sound of waves crashing against the sandy beach fills the air, you will know that you are in Mauritius - that you are home!


Our Resort offers extensive dining options through our different restaurants each with its own identity but all sharing the same passion for an authentic cuisine reflecting the culinary diversity of the Indian Ocean islands. Our chefs have a hearty appetite for innovation and a fine hand for genuine local flavours for guests who can choose to dine in a memorable outdoor setting or feet-in-the-sand.


With a large variety of rums and wine lists, experienced bar tenders are on hand to conjure up a full range of cocktails from the most traditional highballs and white ladies to rum punches and exotic juices.  Make sure to visit our Rum Shed, a delightfully old-school décor venue, offering over 250 types of rums from 36 countries.

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There has never been a better time to take off for very special experiences. Surprise your partner or spoil yourself with unforgettable moments. Discover our unique selection of private moments and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

Pool Cabana Experience

Pool lifestyle in perfection…
Discover the perfect pool day with our new tailor-made personal beach butler services in the comfort of our private cabana...

€185 per day

Meal Plans

Mauritian moments to savour is discovering the taste of grilled fish, fresh from the ocean. Indulging in locally sourced ingredients or fresh pickings from the herb garden with our different meal plans.

Private Wellness Chef

Get exclusive access to our Executive Chef to design a wellness meal plan for the length of your stay.

Tantalise your tastebuds

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Our restaurants serve the finest foods available in Mauritius, and with five restaurants, memorable picnic spots, and a vegetable and herb garden, you are spoilt for choice.