Wakashio Oil Spill

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Whilst, our St Felix beach is glistening in endless shades of blue and turquoise; some 55km North-East of Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa, Pointe D’Esny beach is all affected by the aftermath of MV Wakashio’s oil spill, which occurred some two weeks ago in its protected area.

Sadly, the lagoon is home to rare flora and fauna species, close to Ramsar site, Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. The thriving and threatened marine ecosystem have been hit hard. All efforts had to be deployed to evacuate all critically endangered plant and animal species.

The legendary spirit of solidarity and commitment calling in the islander blood, volunteers were seen flocking to build improvised floating hair/straw booms over the weekend to absorb the most fuel oil possible.

As the oil spill continues to spread northwards in the Indian ocean waters, in a race against time; volunteers are still congregating to mitigate the impacts of this ecological crisis never faced before. They need to be daily supplied with an adequate amount of equipment.

Help the ecosystem of our paradise island

You can help make a difference even from afar by volunteering to join the Oil Spill Clear-up team or by making a donation.